Our Mission:

To make doctors more productive and their facilities more efficient by transcribing chart-ready medical records within 24 hours or less

Andrea G. - Living Water CDC

Your company is a pleasure to work with, your staff is friendly and professional. Keep up the good work.

Web-based workflow & record distribution

We offer a paperless platform to search, view, and authenticate records throughout your facility that creates
rich documents in a format suitable for print, fax, or encrypted email delivery.

Deanna F. - Transcriptionist

I am thoroughly enjoying working for United. Having the flexibility that you allow certainly works into my very busy schedule. I plan to work for United for many years to come.

Efficiency: Solved

Healthcare needs to be digitized.

Each moment a doctor spends managing records, detracts from their time delivering healthcare.

We bridge the gap by giving doctors a personalized way to create and deploy health records without taking their time.

Wendy M. - Transcriptionist

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful first year. I have so enjoyed working for you and I hope my work reflects that. I can't believe how quickly the time flies! Thanks for everything.

Marlene L. - Transcriptionist

all of the staff at United have been so nice, kind and patient. I have truly enjoyed working for United. Not many places will take the time to put into an employee as you have, and for that I am truly grateful.

Jean M. - Transcriptionist

I appreciate you and this company so much.

Paul S. - Covenant Healthcare

United Transcription delivers the quality and turnaround our department strives for and are always working to increase the value they provide.

Theresa R. - Transcriptionist

I enjoy working for United. It has provided such a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere...something I truly need at this point in my life. Thank you again.

Welcome to United Transcription! We believe that the measure of our service is in the additional time that we give doctors to see patients. The demand for productivity in healthcare today has never been higher. We serve you by developing a personalized service-solution that minimizes your time spent managing charts and in delivering your records reliably and accurately. We offer:


  • Fast and Accurate U.S. based transcription able to accommodate the range of demands between acute-care and clinical environments.

  • A personalized workflow and document delivery platform. Branded to your facility; suitable for work-flow management or system wide record deployment.

  • Back-end delivery of transcribed and authenticated records to any HIM system for a fully integrated solution.

Learn more about how we help facilities perform better.

Toll Free: 800.366.6816
Local: 704.527.8244
Fax: 702.977.3858